Why Gold

"Gold is money, everything else is credit" J.P. Morgan, 1912

Parallel structure of bull market

Gold should be looked at as a Put towards Fiat Money


Gold is expressed in US Dollars, so either Gold or the US Dollar is strong or weak

Why Gold

Reserve Currencies typically last for 80 to 110 Years

The Transition of Reserve Currencies brings Turmoil and Uncertainty

Gold reserve since 1450

Currency Strength is all about Backing and Credibility



Negative Interest Rates (Inflation exceeds Interest) Fuel Gold Prices

Yearly Inflation Rates already running at 10% Per Annum

   Source: economicreason.com


Negative Real Interest Rates

M2 Growth

Scarcity and Lack of Suppression: Fuel Crypto Currencies

Debasement of the Paper Currencies will Trigger the Purchases of Physical Gold

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